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Coir Compost - Coco Boost 15L

Coir Compost - Coco Boost 15L

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Made from the bi-products of the coconut industry, which would have otherwise been destroyed. No air miles either, just a container ship carrying thousands of other goods destined for the UK. A sustainable solution to peat-based composts, with guaranteed results!

Coco Boost is independently verified to outperform leading brands. Peat-free all-purpose compost, with added NPK plant food. Coco Boost is a 100% natural with balanced NPK slow-release fertiliser that feeds for up to 6 months. Supplied as a 15L compressed block - just add water!

Added dry, the fertiliser doesn't start to degrade until it has water added, unlike ready to use compost, where nutritional value available for plants varies dramatically.



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