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Eazy Grow Compost 70 litres - 100% Peat-Free

Eazy Grow Compost 70 litres - 100% Peat-Free

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NEW 100% PEAT-FREE COMPOST - environmentally friendly and sustainable.

FREE P&P on all compost-only orders!

  • Developed by a gardener, for gardeners.
  • Outperforms all other composts.
  • Amazing results every time.
  • Starts nourishing plants immediately, with no need to feed for 6-months.

The best compost you've ever used or your money back!*

Buy 2 Get 1 FREE!   

70 litres of compost delivered in 2 x 35L compressed blocks - Just Add Water!

Eazy Grow peat-free compost is a gardening essential. It’s ideal for potting on seedlings and young plants and for use in containers and hanging baskets. Formulated and specially tested to ensure your flowers and vegetables flourish throughout the season.

There is no need to feed plants for up to 6-months, as a unique controlled-release fertiliser is already incorporated. This supplies vital nutrients immediately to maximise root growth and produce high-quality plants ensuring maximum flower power and high yields of nutritious fruit and vegetables. Good nutrition also strengthens plants’ immune systems making them more resilient to diseases and environmental stress.

How to Use:
• Store in a dry environment.
• The 70L of compost is suppled in 2 x 35L compressed blocks which will expand by using 12L of water per block (luke-warm water will be faster) inside a large container.
• Wait 15 minutes and break up the compost, stirring to create a light, open mixture.
• It is possible to mix a smaller volume of compost by splitting the block in half.

*Please supply photographs of your disappointing results together with a photograph of your previous favourite compost. Send via email to


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Young plants and seeds are expensive, so don’t compromise on the quality of your compost. Yields can improve by over 1000% by using a quality compost that has been tested to guarantee the structure of the compost allows maximum water retention and air porosity, allowing roots to absorb the correct quantity of fertiliser throughout the season.

The included controlled-release fertiliser is climate adapted, meaning when the compost temperature is high enough and moisture is present, nutrient release takes place feeding the plants in the warmer months and gives out less food in the cooler months when growth is slower. This leads to superior root development ensuring strong, healthy foliage.

Eazy Grow compost is 100% peat-free, made from the husk of coconuts that traditionally was discarded as a waste product, but now repurposed as an excellent compost. It’s 100% natural, environmentally friendly and sustainable.



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